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Pokémon Sword android
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Everything you need to know about Pokémon Sword and Shield Android

Pokemon Sword and Shield is yet another instalment of cult cycle of Japanese RPG games. It started in the 90’, when studio Game Freak released the first edition. According to traditions of the series, there will be two titles: Pokemon Shield and Pokemon Sword debuting simultaneously as the representatives of eighth generation of Pokemon. Both productions are the first fully-fledged editions of the cycle that appeared on Nintendo Switch consoles. Earlier on we could notice such spin-offs as Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! As well as Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee!

The world in the game and storyline

Pokemon Sword and Shield takes place in a brand new part of the world, namely the region known as Galar. Great Britain was the inspiration for creating this area. While traveling around this part of the world, we will be able to visit small and countryside-like villages, explore buildings that were designed to look as they were from Victorian times, as well as gigantic industrial facilities and snowed mountains.
The characteristics of the scenario haven’t changed. The game allows us to take control over a young male or female trainer of titular Poke creatures. His or her job is to become the best trainer in the world. To do that, we will have to explore Galar in search for new creatures. What is more, we will take part in numerous fights with other trainers.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Gameplay

The fundaments of mechanics remained the same. It means that as the beginning trainer of titular Pokemons, we will have to climb the ladder of Poke trainers. While exploring the new world, we will encounter new creatures that we should or even must catch. To put it simply, we just need to send our Pokemon to fight, weaken the enemy, and then use specially created Pokeball in order to catch it. The combat itself, as in case of previous parts, makes use of turn-based system. 

Sword and Shield introduces a wide range of novelties to the series. First of all, we receive much more open world. There, we can notice changing weather conditions as well as other events of this type. As a result, the occurrence of particular Pokemons may differ. In the game, we can travel by bike, which we can use not only on land, but also on water. 

First of all, some pokemons are visible while exploring and can act differently. For example, they can chase our character. Others may hide in tall grasses. In that case we need to get into bushes and hope for random encounter. 

New mechanics are surely Dynamax and Gigantamax. Dynamax is responsible for increasing the size of Pokemon as well as his skills. Gigantamax works similarly, but in this case the appearance of Pokemons change. 

What is more, the game will also introduce brand new raids, which were inspired by the ones we could notice in Pokemon Go. Up to four players can fight a powerful Pokemon. In the game we will, of course, see new Pokemons as well as the ones we know from previous parts.

Gigantamax – a successor of Mega Evolution as well as type Z attack

This function is very similar to Dynamaxing and in short, we can describe it as double magnigication. The creature subjected to this process will drastically change its appearance. However, there is a catch. We can Dynamax every Pokemon. However, in order to Gigantamax a Poke creature, we have to catch it first during special events known as Max Raid Battles. Each and every “chosen one” will have access to special G-Move.

There will also be different gym leaders that will be assigned to particular title. For example, the players who purchase Sword edition will at some point encounter a gym Leader Bea. She will be fighting us with Hitmontop. However, the owners of Shield instalment will have to prepare for the fight with Allister who is going to use Mimikyu. What is more, there will be a list of special, exclusive creatures for each title. In Sword it will be possible to catch Deino and Jangmo-o. In Shield, on the other hand, we will find Larvitar as well as Goomy.

Why is it a good idea to use our applications?

There are plenty of reasons why you should download Pokemon Sword and Shield Android from our page. Here are the most important ones:

  • Simplicity and safety
  • We put a lot of emphasis on the aspect of safety and compatibility of or applications. That is why each and every product is thoroughly checked in terms of optimization and safety. Of course a professional team is responsible for making sure that the app is ready before it is out on the market. That is why you can launch Pokemon Sword and Shield on your mobile phone or tablet. Just make sure that it has an updated operating system. What is more, its specification needs to meet the minimum requirements of Pokemon scarlet and Violet Mobile.

  • Very small APK weight
  • We believe that the smaller the app is, the better. That is why we make every effort in order to compress our applications the best it is possible. All of that just to make sure that you can download Pokemon Sword and Shield Mobile with pleasure and without worrying about the remaining Internet transfer. All these processes will be responsible for wonderful operation of app on your mobile device.

  • One click – that’s all it matters
  • One of the best things is that we offer you a product that is available by one click. After that, Pokemon Sword and Shield ios will be immediately downloaded on your device. You do not have to read or accept any regulations or accept suspicious terms. What is more, there is no need to publish your private data. Our applications are very easy to use and they are set to be as convenient as it is possible. This is why they are so easily accessible.

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Step by step instruction of how to download and install the game

In order to enjoy our application, you have to perform several simple steps:

  • 1. Click one of the two download buttons depending on what OS you have – Android or iOS;
  • 2. Remember to allow your browser to download files that come from other sources than Google Play/Apple Store;
  • 3. Install an app and launch it;
  • 4. Complete a verification method by following instructions on the screen
  • 5. Launch the app again and enjoy full version of Pokemon Sword and Shield on your phone!
Pokémon Sword character
New multiplayer game mode – four player raids like in Pokemon GO

The authors enabled us the chance to encounter gigantic Pokemons not only during fights with other trainers. Pokemon Sword/Shield will offer us a cooperation game mode, where up to four players will fight. It will be available either locally or via Internet. These are the so-called Max Raid Battles. To some extent, these clashes will resemble raids from famous MMORPG titles. While cooperating with other trainers, you will have to defeat an extremely powerful, gigantic Pokemon. Once you do that, you will have the opportunity to add this powerful, gigantic Pokemon, to your collection.

Game modes

Need for Speed: Heat can be played both alone and in multiplayer mode.

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